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Seems Cubase is Here to Stay

Cubase 6 has many tools which helps in producing high quality music in less time. This software has been programmed by using a very fast effective, algorithm that is especially suited to those who want to learn how to create dubstep tracks. And finally, now you can use Cubase 6 on Windows and Mac OS.

Transient detection system in Cubase 6 is incredible. In this music software drum hits are instantly detected due to advanced filters called Peak and Beats. With its outstanding detection system rolls, ghost notes and single hits can be quickly and accurately detected.


The awesome MIDI options in the new Cubase allows you to replace, double or enrich drum sounds which are recorded live. After detection of transients you can create a MIDI track by using ‘Create MIDI Notes function. The notes which you have created can be changed by using sampler.

With Cubase 6 you can create many takes and you can place them in different lanes. You can select the best take from any lane by swapping the best take. The best take becomes a master take in Cubase 6. New Lane Track option in Cubase 6 allows you to create multiple lane for multiple takes.


By using ‘New TrackEdit option in Cubase 6 a user can do Multitrack recording. To get the best sound Cubase 6 has VST 3.5 compatible instruments. By using VST 3.5 compatible instruments one can instantly get acoustic feedback from the portion that contains sound dynamics.

Expert drummers have worked on the development of this incredible music software and this is the sole reason why you can use multitrack drum editing in this music software. With Cubase 6 you can get the best rhythm during recording of live drum tracks and this is only possible due to many versatile tools available with it.

In Cubase 6 you get the best groove which no other music software can provide. Now, you will find phase stable audio quantization, drum replacement functions and new tempo detection.

Furthermore, you also get awesome sound effects because of time-stretching function available in it due to use of zplane algorithm. Due to this alogrithm you can customize single, percussive, tonal and complex audio. All other versions of Cubase  are compatible with this version.

USB and Mediabay:

The sequencer in Cubase

With Cubase 6 you can use USB hard drive for storing all your loops and samples in its MediaBay. You can work in another MediaBay with the data from USB hard drive which you can carry to any place. You will never have to index the data again when you use it in another MediaBay. The entire MediaBay information is displayed in a small browser.

In this software the developer has added many new plug-ins to the ones that are already present in its previous versions.

You can quantize the settings in this music software which allows you to adjust the grid of the project window and MIDI editor. Use Quantize as grid type’ function allows you to pick any preset quantized setting with which you can view project window in triplet grid.

Once a new track is completed, you can easily export the entire information of all the files in a single text file and therefore there is no need to open all the files to get information from them.

Depending on your opinion, his is the best music software currently in the market and is an excellent Dubstep production program. So why wait? Just go get it.