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Easy Dubstep Production Software

There is much discussion taking place at the moment over what is the best dubstep making software. With the popularity of digital sequencing software growing every day, there are now several options on the market.

With so many options to choose from, make no mistake, the most suitable option to commence your original dubstep music production is with a program called BTV Solo.

This application is a stand-alone piece of software, which acts as a complete studio suite. Once you download the program from the official developer’s website, you simply unpack, install and start banging out those wicked Dubstep beats.

So download BTV Solo and you will be graced with:

  • Super high quality samples and instruments
  • Make dubstep, hip hop, rock beats and more
  • Very easy to use with no experience needed
  • Export the finished songs and burn to disc
  • Don’t buy expensive hardware – software only
  • Wide range of great instruments and samples
  • Don’t spend hundreds on music software

To learn more about this amazing software, go to the official website by clicking the button below:


Assessing Your Abilities

As previously mentioned, there are several programs on the market that are capable of producing great Dubstep tracks. The biggest issue that many musicians face is that they purchase expensive software that is far beyond their level of experience.

If you do not have any experience or, possess little prior knowledge of digital music sequencing, you may find yourself becoming frustrated in your slow progress due to the difficult operation of some professional application. Thousands of people every day are quitting digital production for this reason.

As above, we recommend that those with zero to intermediate experience start making dubstep with BTV Solo.

There are professional producers with all the pro equipment and studios holding a value of tens of thousands of dollars, and they still revert to BTV Solo for their drum programming.

However, BTV Solo is much more capable than just as a drum sequencer, you can create complete songs of all styles (less the vocals) though hundreds of vocal samples are available.


Don’t Spend Excessive Amounts

Building a home or professional recording studio is an incredibly expensive venture for anyone. Think about once you have purchased a powerful (preferably Apple) computer, bought your software, your mixing desk, monitor speakers, midi controllers and rack effects units. Then it all starts to add up!

Now, thanks to technology, some of the highest selling tracks that you have heard on the radio and seen the videos for on MTV, have been made with software alone.

We have seen an influx of great songs that have made it big – where the reality is that some young “producer” has made the track from scratch on a laptop in his bedroom, with software that cost less than $40.00. The track can then easily be sold to big name labels for substantial amounts each.


Download BTV SOLO

This music creation suite is available as an instant download and has various additional add-ons that are highly recommended. The vast array of sounds can be built on, with addition sound kits available for download through the official website. It is recommended to grab these while you can from the start, as they are much cheaper.