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Culture Review – Dubstep at Coachella

Coachella broke it’s own attendance records again as the 2012 session came and went, with two weekends this year of music mayhem. Though dubstep is probably not the typical fare for the festival goers, there were some notable acts that came through, so the following is a little bit of information about the handful that were performing there. If you’re looking to get a taste of what artists are starting to get into the mainstream mentality, this short list will get you started.


Nero is an electronic music duo from Britain that has been making drum and bass and dubstep since 2004, and have had major label success with MTA, Interscope, and Cherrytree. Their discography includes several tracks that made their way onto the UK Singles charts, along with quite a bit of critical acclaim. Nero also went outside the typical dance and club music production efforts with their composition of The Dubstep Symphony, which they performced with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011. Check out their latest news at links at thisisnero.com.

Zed’s Dead

Zed’s Dead is a hip-hop infused dubstep duo from Toronto. The two members, DC and Hooks, have been working together since 2004, but realigned themselves as Zed’s Dead in 2009. Some of the first acts to notice Zed’s Dead were Kissy Sellout and Skream, and from there, they have had several tracks that became popular on Beatport, namely “Pyramic Song” and “Bassmentality”.

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P are the co-founders of Circus Records. They are English dubstep producers who are best known for the track “Bass Cannon,” which charted in the UK and made it on to the Radio 1 A-List.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is a youngster in the scene at just 19 years old, but he has made his presence quite well known at the early stages in his career. He’s only been active since 2010, and has already made waves at labels OWSLA (Skrillex’s label), Big Fish Recordings, and Ministry of Sound. Part of his claim to fame is that he has been making music since age 12 using Sony’s Acid Pro software.

Mt. Eden

Mt. Eden is a dubstep due from New Zealand that has only been posting music for the last two years, but their YouTube channel boasts more than 80 million hits, which is more than any other New Zealand act has ever received. In addition to the popularity of their produced tracks, Mt. Eden puts a significant amount of emphasis on their live sets, which are concretely based around the idea of the buildup and the drop that dubstep fans so rabidly follow.


Datsik is also an incredibly young but talented producer, hailing from British Columbia and starting his producing with singles in 2009. His distinctive sound and manic work ethic have pushed his career into the mainstream, and in the last few years he has gotten to work with artists as varied as The Crystal Method, the Wu-Tang Clan, Noisia, and Diplo, as well as having touring douties with Steve Aoki, Bassnectar, and DJ Craze.